My Half Alien Bloody System
My Half Alien Bloody System
Author: Ray Genus
Chapter 1 – My Half Alien Bloody System

Chapter 1 – My Half Alien Bloody System

Even though it was early in the morning, the smell of old exhaust produced by his vehicle had caused pollution during the trip. The people they met stared with strange and sharp gazes. This is all the work of his grandfather, who likes old things. Moreover, the roof of their car was open more clearly that embarrassing along the road. The right choice to choose a high sweater for the chin for today helps hide facial expressions.

His grandfather sat beside him, driving an old 1976 car.

'I'm sure this car was around before he was born,' he thought.

Alex watched an alien who was not much different from the man sitting there. Playing with the lawnmower using the machine attached to his hand. The iron serrations can slash quickly.


When the green light flashed again, he couldn't help but sigh. Shiny cool cars passed over his head, very different from what he was riding now. However, the road can still be passed well by the vehicle.

'What a pain. His taste is so bad.'

The people around them understand their lives, especially being orphans since their birth.

One day, Alex caught a neighbor talking about bad things.

"How can Tom have a grandson? Has he never seen a wife? There must be something wrong." A man was holding a golf bag, his robot dog busy biting the waving rope.

"Is he human?" Ask another.

'Huh, human? If not, what is it? Look at your face, filled with old wrinkles that seem to be melting from their place.' Alex immediately took the newspaper in front of the house.

His daydreams lead him to another nightmare place, namely Lolenhm University. It shows how his peers use a bag that can be climbed like a skateboard and folds up automatically or uses a power shoe that can walk on tall buildings.

The most impressive thing is being able to wake up in the afternoon and immediately arrive at the destination using the magic door. Yes, it's only for rich kids, so there's no need to queue at a red light, get under a vehicle, or look weird when you go out in the wrong car.

"Alex, have you used your talisman?" Tom asked not to get off the car. A teenager who had just entered 19 did not need to be looked at like a child anymore.

His steps stopped when he heard a voice behind him, "Yes, grandfather, without turning around." He knew that at this moment, people were waiting for him with the strange necklace to tease him, standing on the entrance steps.

The hanging bag squeezed tightly against the embarrassment.

"Hey, wait!"

'I'm dead!'

Tom came out. His grandson had walked away, not listening to what he said, patting him.

"I think you dropped it." handed a green jade in the shape of a turtle. It is conceivable that the color alone is striking enough to be said to be old and very old-school. Plus, the red color on the eyes adds to the impression of a countryman if it hangs around his neck.

Before leaving, he tried to hide it in between the seats hoping not to bring it to school. Every time he went out, he would constantly nag to remind him.

Alex immediately grabbed it without saying anything.

"Have a nice day!" he shouted.

They laughed at Tom's behavior, and his grandson immediately left the place, which made him even more embarrassed.

The long-haired man left the parking lot. At the same time, the teenagers had gathered and followed him from behind. The aliens soared around using state-of-the-art neon-lit equipment, and even a cat was busy chasing mice crawling on tall buildings. The daily routine, before class time, begin to visit the apparition inside the building. The higher-ups will activate special protection so that the students are not disturbed by noise from outside the campus.

A hand tugged at the bag's strap, causing it to fall backward.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Look at this? The pale-skinned man tried to cover up his skin color with a sweater."

The students looked at them. How often has it been since he came to school that he always talks about trivial matters, Alex himself doesn't know how skin can make the difference between him and others. The alien population has two colors, namely silver and shiny purple. Those who have a shade closer to blueberry are the ones in power.

On the other hand, serving as a president or military soldier prepares you to mourn an unlucky life if you are born with a particular color. This is not much different in school life, making Alex the subject of ridicule.

They started to circle and laugh in satisfaction.

"Hey, there is no winter like the North Pole, yes, although soon it will be the same place, and the elite aliens will soon take care of it."

Alex gripped the jade that was still not installed. His words were bothersome, enough as a silver skin owner, and you could say, poor aliens who live in slums or something like that, now they have to deal with other colors.

Jordan and his friends must have enjoyed the racist behavior, starting to pull the fleece knit collar, revealing the rest of his body.

The sound of the incoming bell sounded was saved.

"Superintendents will be here soon, at lunchtime, don't forget to lick my rocket boots." He laughed with satisfaction. Alex was still trying to get up and dust himself off.

The ceiling of the building forms a dome. The golden glare looks like a honeycomb. Found a robot bird about to get out of there roasted. Day in the new prison has begun, and the access is closed for the duration of the lesson.

Everyone ran after the class that was about to start. Luckily, the room to be entered was not far away. The students were silent when Alex arrived. He walked backward, and Jordan was still busy distracting him by knocking his leg to the ground.

'Shit!' glared at him, sighed, and let it go.

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