Chapter 2 - Me? System?

Chapter 2 - Me? System?

Just wanted to sit down. The screen in front lights up.

"Alex! You're late again." There was an extraordinary robotic sound. The campus had not yet fixed the system.

Not wanting to argue, he stood listening to her rambling on the same thing about skin color.

'He can't even afford the repair himself. That sounds like my grandfather's car exhaust.'

Twenty minutes later, the chatter was finally over. Jordan tries to get Alex to take off his sweater to embarrass him.

The splinter caught in the silver hair, only he looks the same in this part. The lesson begins. The smoke coming from the explosion outside is not heard. It has become routine every day. There will be destruction at least once a week or genocide against silver-skinned aliens who openly insult the elite.

City officials would execute them publicly, first removing them from prison and then implanting a large needle into the sole through the calf, sending fluid to melt the bones and finally getting electrocuted.

The punishment even appeared on the big tv screen at every red light.

The thing his grandfather had given him was lying on the table. Alex saw a mark, last appearing above the shell in a black striped star pattern. This time the checkmark seems to be in the middle. Usually, the blotches just popped out. This time his eyes shone enough to draw the attention of the surroundings.

Quickly pick it up and pay attention to it.

Knock… knock… an attention-grabbing voice, the class has ended. The group of boys who nudged their feet averted their eyes.

Students are forced out during recess, emptying the classroom with people like them.

"What do you think the result will be?" Asked a student peeking from behind the glass door.

"As usual, he will be finished in their hands."

Repeatedly throwing chairs in the way, even though it would automatically return to its original place every three minutes, nothing could stop the madness. I don't know what else he will do this time to Alex.

Accompanied by his two friends, they began to hold him and lift him up.

"I saw you were trying to get me to fight. You're looking down on me, huh!" he shouted loudly.

"Let go!"

The two of them let Alex float in the air, his life threatened when Jordan activated the weapon in his hand. How can dangerous objects be allowed to roam the campus?

The first blow went straight to the stomach, a small rocket propelling and releasing flames pushing Alex's stomach hard backward. Saliva comes out of the mouth due to a reaction to the stomach and the solar plexus.


Hitting the student locker to a dent, smoke emitted from his body. Jordan walked over and pushed another button. The iron fist glove clenched in his hand this time, ready to hit him again.

There wasn't a single object that could be used, but he didn't want to accept being beaten just like that. Alex struggled to his feet, preparing to run for a chair nearby.

Tightly cracking the metal hilt swinging with all his might, Jordan moved as if shaking off a mosquito. After a few seconds, a flash of light hits the head and makes the opponent lie down.


The jade rang to the floor and then spun. They helped him up, and now it was floating in front of Alex. Seeing an opportunity, he chose to get out of there, pushing the people watching their fight.

Loud noises interrupted his escape, fragments of memories echoing in his head. He hid in the bathroom, running like a loser, lucky no one was there. Alex threw the object in his hand as it burned the skin.


Which suddenly cracked itself and let out a light that shone throughout the bathroom.

Player Info

[Personal: Louisville]

[Conquest: Half Alien Blood System]

[Level: 002]


[Began 2100/02/25]

[UID: 610489218]

[Harem: 4/84]

[Guild: Not added]

Main Lineup

[1. Empty]

[2. Empty]

[3. Empty]

[4. Empty]

[5. Empty]

[Friends Request: 0/30]

Strange writings floated in the air, even though he knew that this was the modern era where he could make food without the need to cook just by taking pictures in an instant appeared, but what confused him was that the language used had never been seen, strangely Alex could read it.

"Get out of the way!" Jordan began to push the people in the way to catch up. He walked while holding his bloody head. Every eye he passed began to sneer at the action taken.

The two comrades even threatened them if they dared to interfere.


"Hey, loser! Quickly open the door. I know you are hiding there because your rotten skin smells from the classroom!" shouted Jordan.

Classmates who watched from the beginning did not want to miss the exciting show. Even a new audience accidentally joined in hearing the noise from the classroom hall. The engine's sound in his hand creaking loudly, surrounded by the hot air, made Jordan sweat.

They beat their emotions on the bathroom door, which was fifty centimeters thick steel, and wanted to beat him up immediately. Alex could hear what they were doing and a few dents behind the door.

"What is this?" Asked the cleaning robot. His body was floating in the air and had no legs. He looks friendly with a half-round head, round eyes, and a small smile.

Seeing this, Jordan was getting fed up. Without thinking, he vented his emotions towards the cold iron, which was out of service. Crashing and sitting on top.


Iron with iron created sparks. They only watched from afar between laughing and pitying at the terrible apparition. Jordan's blood also didn't stop flowing from his head, forgetting the pain he got.

Alex didn't hear the sound of them hitting the door. The light shining on the toilet had kept him from being tempted because it was all about machines and technology, so dull.


The jade rang again, wanting to show its existence which he ignored.

"What?" shouted Alex starting to get annoyed. The clinking sound bothered him.

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