Chapter 14 – This is the first time

Chapter 14 – This is the first time

Mala was surprised to listen to the ability of the young man happily.

'Naturally, at an age, like he is not common anymore not to do it.'

Alex brought Lala was still trapped inside. The two aliens followed him from behind, as well as the waiter. He put the girl who struggled to be released while showing the canine teeth preparing to tear his body.

"Just put it!" Mala's ordered. He was standing beside a lever.

When Alex placed it on the bed, the servant pulled the algae that had been held. The chains shackled both hands and feet—the sound of the gurgling of iron shaking a bed made of wood.

The young man seemed hesitant to join Lala. He was uncomfortable with his current form. Knowing this, the circular bracelet in his hand forms magic thorns to penetrate the veins.

"It will help you be ready again," said Mala.

Alex's eyes sparkled as he looked at the two aliens across the mattress where Lala lay. His face turned red, an
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