Chapter 18 – Olympus

Chapter 18 – Olympus

"We can all die just for following your stupidity."             

"Hah! How can the fate of this world lie in the hands of a silly human like this."

"It's only natural that their people were massacred by war, and now aliens?"

"Sorry! I may be useless, but give me one more chance." His gaze was serious.

It took a long time for Mala to answer the statement submitted.

"Okay! This time do your job properly, don't hesitate." He answered angrily.

Seeing that opportunity, he stood up to fix his stance to face him head-on.

"Okay, what should I do now?" he asked again.

"Hah!? Where did that notification appear earlier?"

He moved, hoping that the screen that had just appeared could be shown to Mala. He explained the details of the notification, hoping the girls woul

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