Chapter 23 - The Golem is Verdian

Chapter 23 - The Golem is Verdian

"It's okay," he replied curtly.

"Have you found the item you were looking for?" continued Mala changing the conversation. From the moment they left the place, the atmosphere of their journey was more awkward than before.

"Yes, but why wasn't there any data that could come up when I looked for it last night?"

"Does master use a sword?"

"If it's true, the rear-mounted device will be replaced as a weapon."

"Ah.. no wonder I didn't find the object for fighting or the information."

Alex put the viewing glass back in its place. As he felt the location they were about to pass through, a sense of calm and chaos felt strange. The birds flew in a panic to avoid going in the opposite direction. The status window screen appears.

[Defeat the enemy that will appear in front later]

[Reward: Support alien weapon upgrade]

[Rewards: 2M gold, 2M stardust, 2M Experience]

[Reward: secret]

Alex handheld them b
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