Chapter 26 – More attention

Chapter 26 – More attention

They were bringing those giant creatures to the village. The residents who witnessed were hesitant and only dared to look from their homes. He exposed the bully to those in the town.

"Is this what you are afraid of?" shouted Alex loudly.

"Is this what you wanted when you greeted me earlier?"

"Or do you want us to be sacrificed?"

Hearing this, Mala and the others were furious. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. While tightly holding the slap rope used to bind the mystical creature, Alex immediately slashed the two in front of the villagers.

Finished with the given mission, Alex and the others left the village in the afternoon. The faces of the three girls seemed displeased with the treatment of the villagers who had other intentions like that.

"Sir?" there was a voice of doubt that wanted to confirm something.

Seeing a colleague who was not much physically different from Sue look like a coward, M
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