Chapter 30 - Futakuchi Onna

Chapter 30 - Futakuchi Onna

"We don't have much time to do it."

"It's all because you guys are just playing around and not doing your job properly," Alex shouted.

He and Mala blamed each other for their mistakes, pointing at each other as the prime suspects. Sue tried to calm the argument, and her sister offered another suggestion.

"What if we search for the mission and complete it simultaneously."

Stunned by the idea, given the room, it calmed down instantly. Alex took her excellent advice and started to fix themselves. They got out of the inn at once, looking for the evil demons like the geishas were talking about.

Luckily Alex stepped aside from the crowd that knew no time. Both during the day and at night. The digital clock continued to tick fast, while the golden signs for the next mission hadn't started flashing since last night.

'Damn, where exactly is that?' He started to wonder with everyone to find one stealth item that could be used as
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