Chapter 35 – The Cute toys

Chapter 35 – The Cute toys

Sue looked ready to do it, and her little sister looked embarrassed.

"Madam, I can't do this?" Sia seems shy to come forward. She refused because she was told to go first.

Sue gave full support to her sister to be more excited. She was more enthusiastic than her sister, who didn't know the human world. Alex was still playing with the strange objects around her. He found a lot of foreign items that had never been seen before.

A vibrating egg, a three-pointed stick, or a small vibrator with sensors vibrates when it touches the skin. Alex jumped because it jumped and moved into his pants.

"What is Mala?" while hiding behind her.

Mala just shook her head, handing Sia to him. Their eyes met each other, and Sia was deceived in shame.

"Let's explain first. What is all this stuff?"

"It's the same as I explained yesterday. You want to pretend to be stupid to avoid your duty, huh?!" said Mala taking one of the th
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