Chapter 41 – Soldier line up

Chapter 41 – Soldier line up

Alex pulled back Sanao's hand before filling out the form and taking some tests. The feeling of worry haunted them ever since they met a crowd of strong and ruthless people. He couldn't just let it go.

To trick that, Sanao says that she only participates in women's matches, another battle form she hides without Alex's knowledge. Several officers, before testing, had discussed this with her.

She insisted on continuing to do so and couldn't do anything. For physical exams, rock climbing, push-ups, weight-bearing, spring, and other tests, she got a perfect score in the category for fighting.

Before that, Sanao went to the changing room to measure clothes to protect her from harm. Alex and the others were allowed to see and select the best materials for their comrades to enter the place.

"Things here are cheap," Mala said.

Not only is it of low quality, but few ingredients are provided. Mala tells Alex to shop for
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