Chapter 43 – Attack on the cheater

Chapter 43 – Attack on the cheater

Sanao tore a part of the fire fox's clothes, leaving the rest only covering her breasts. People were silent at her sudden action, getting louder as most of her body was gleaming.

The torn cloth wrapped around his face and became a mask. She noticed Alex's words that there could be the use of magic in the thing and made it difficult to move or dodge. Sanao counterattacked the girl. Her decision paid off.

Alex waited for a response from Sanao. He ran to the seat and saw that she had changed his suggestion.

'Hopefully, the cloth will have some use so that she doesn't get seriously injured.'

After realizing that, Sanao unhesitatingly increased her speed. Alex helped him to buy some items to increase his endurance.

"Hey, isn't that cheating." Mala chirps.

"Do you want to lose all your bets?" rebutted Alex. For a moment, Mala fell silent hearing the answer.

She again cheered Sanao, who was fighting, the wou
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