Chapter 61 - Task successful

Chapter 61 - Task successful

"Mrs. Mala said it was not allowed in there." At the same time, moving his hands and body, trying to get rid of objects that entered his body.

"Don't worry, Sue, this isn't mine but just a toy and won't have any bad effects."

Whether or not what Alex said was true, she tried to understand what her master was saying. As Alex played with the items, a chart of slowly rising upgrades appeared on the screen.

When he reached complete to the top, it turned out that the object still attached there showed Sue's climax in front of her eyes. Alex took the final act and finished it without unplugging the dildo. While in the doggy position, he moved his part and started back and forth.

Hands pulled back, long hair held tightly as riding a horse, more precise, pleasure on the crown. Sue couldn't hold back the moans and pleasures that hit her repeatedly.

Vagina, clitoris, uterus, and ass in rhythm invite the owner to immediately fly to the
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