Chapter 65 - Jolly Inn

Chapter 65 - Jolly Inn

"Welcome to the Jolly Inn. How about our service while here?" the man looked friendly when greeting the visiting guests to say hello. The waiter providing various kinds of banquet also offered a massage so that the atmosphere there was more comfortable.

He didn't even take the fan off his face because sometimes when the maids were nearby for personal business, he put it back down.

"This is the first time we have stayed at a place where all the facilities. Everything looks perfect." Alex replied.

The girls also feel that the place is all things fun. Mala, who feels Alex's motion is different from before, begins to read the surroundings. She gives a signal to the two alien girls who are chatting in the distance.

Alex couldn't give them any sign of danger because of what the girl's father had said. The ruler only took girls in the village of Nenokuni. They talked about various things until the owner of the house asked them to stay a littl
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