Chapter 81 – Harpy's Attack

Chapter 81 – Harpy's Attack

He felt that inviting them to come along this time was a mistake, and he didn't want to let anything wrong happen to them. In the morning, people were still lying on the ground, and they slept like cattle that could go on a long journey, not even entering the tent to rest.

Alex found none of the group moving, and he chose to go down the river to fetch water for the trip later. When he arrived at the bottom of the river, Alex found a flock of familiar birds.

They flew in groups neatly like the fighter planes in his world used to fly below. After the flock of birds above was out of sight, Alex heard the roar and screams of people.

Hurrying back to his camp, the thing he wanted to do now was to find Mala and Sia. The tent outside the group made it easy for Alex to wake them up immediately. He didn't see anyone there, and he thought they were there.

"Mala! Shit!" he shouted.

Walking around looking for battles there,
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