Chapter 83 - Liberating the soul

Chapter 83 - Liberating the soul

Unexpectedly, they approached the Harpy and surrounded him. Their sad voices didn't end either. From the sky came the sound of screaming again. The vote was so familiar to Alex that he intended to follow him.

Sure enough, it was a bird that had been rescued while seriously injured. Seeing her sister's dead body, she dived quickly to confirm. Alex had time to sew the severed neck so it wouldn't look even more pathetic and added lily of the valley around it.

At this time, nothing can comfort the birds. They feel safe and choose to run to save themselves rather than take responsibility for the results of their actions. Humans are cowards.

The face looked at Alex with sad eyes as she said, "It's not your fault. It's all because of sister Harpy crossing the line."

"Those who were there also did this because his wishes influenced them." He added while hugging Harpy's head tightly.

She said that what her brother said was true,
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