Chapter 87 - A girl caught in a trap

Chapter 87 - A girl caught in a trap

Alex waved his hand as a goodbye and encouragement. He advised that the task be finished as soon as they took action. So the first thing you want to do is meet the person in charge of the worker.

Firecrackers and fireworks explode in the sky, forming stunning frames and patterns. Alex is back at the party again. At the same time, Sura banged on the house door that was his target today.

"Vikol. Quickly open the door!" several times, hitting the door, a man who was still disheveled met Sura while rubbing his eyes repeatedly.

"Hey, have you done your job?" continued Sura. Vikol saw a large ax standing before him and realized that his job was waiting this time. Immediately he went inside and said goodbye to his wife.

Then they went to meet all his comrades who were also still lazing around, wanting Sura to beat him one by one on the head, but he could hold it in well. Don't want all his comrades to get hurt just because of a
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