Chapter 95 - The rematch

Chapter 95 - The rematch

Mala, who often travels with the demon lord, is aware of this. She finally doesn't think that is not good Alex's answer. They were getting ready to put on their clothes. The invitation to have breakfast together had been delivered half an hour ago.

At the door, they were greeted by two maids who would lead them to a place that had been prepared. The epic and spacious stilt house led them to another room, both of which opened the door wide simultaneously.

Alex felt that the banquet this time was considered too much. How could the whole table not be filled with beautiful food to eat. The image of living things that are realized in the form of food seems to live in that room.

The host also wore neat clothes as if they were going to have a big event for now.

"Please." Invite the host.

Without saying much, they were immediately invited to enjoy all the available dishes.

"What do you think about Hu
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