Chapter 97 - Count Draco

Chapter 97 - Count Draco

"Hah?! Seriously!" another shouted.

"Are you not aware of where you are now?" said another.

Those who insisted on defending what was already the government didn't want to lose to the bullshit of the green dragon warriors on the flags they carried. Then a figure appeared that made them speechless, and the flag dragon party fell silent to see his arrival.

"That's because of you." The voice also woke up Alex and the others.

"What does it mean?" asked Alex, who didn't accept it with his gaze.

"If you guys have given medicine and healed them, you can leave here." said the man.

"And you guys get out of there soon. I'll take care of you." His added.

"Yes, Count Draco." Simultaneously. His eyes on the stairs made the owner of the house look indifferent. He only cared about people with the same label pins rather than other lives, some of which were in danger.

Mala restrains Alex from going to see her. She reminds them what
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