Chapter 110 - Chasing Sia to Takamagahara village

Chapter 110 - Chasing Sia to Takamagahara village        

The location has now turned into an empty place. Not even a single person is passing by. He immediately goes to Mala and looks for Sia. She is still sleeping in the same place her niece started appearing when Kitsune and Sia are nowhere to be found.

Alex immediately woke Mala and then asked her to leave. At a glance, a voice came out of her earpods. From the other side came the voice of Sia trying to talk to him.

"Sir, I am joining in their entourage of luggage. Sorry for not telling Mrs. Mala and Mr. Alex first." Sia tried to explain the situation to Alex. He was worried if something happened to them because he promised to take care of Kitsune until he returned to the tent.

Sia said that Kitsune was with Emperor Liem and was on his way back to Takamagahara. While listening to her answer, Alex was relieved but worried that Sia was alone.

Mala and

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