Chapter 112 - Barred from entering the palace

Chapter 112 - Barred from entering the palace

"Alright, I will open the price for a masterpiece that will soon be on sale."

"I opened the price for 10M gold. Is anyone willing to raise the price and buy it?" The loud and sweet voice made people raise their hands until they started to open prices.

She was pleased with the audience's enthusiasm, who offered the organizer the highest price. The auction was getting higher. She began to lift the brush and dip it in ink. Trim the sleeves on the shirt and tie it tightly.

Small and white thighs are shown on stage. She moved with a power not comparable to that of a man, as if dancing with the brush. Sometimes the movement is also a little erotic, clamping the logs using his thighs.

"It's getting hotter, isn't it?" Mala glanced at the people who filled the tent. Even though there is not a single seat provided, their enthusiasm fulfills each individual's desires.

Not only that, the people outside the village of Takamagahara w
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