Chapter 113 - Even though we met

Chapter 113 - Even though we met

Alex was about to take out the golden cherry blossoms that Emperor Liem had given him, but Mala held out her hand not to do so and then said, "I am a senior from Nenokuni village, wishing to meet the emperor."

Then he took out jade carved with rice and grapes, symbols familiar to people like them. The gate opened wide without waiting long after checking into the symbol's authenticity.

"Were you going to attack them?" Mala asked, looking at Alex.

"Oh, what? Of course not." He replied nervously,

The courtyard is expansive, and many people pass by, especially the guards who always pay attention to their arrival. Alex and the others felt that the goal was getting closer, and the guard was getting tighter.

They were directed to another place without a welcome or anything, just being escorted by many people. Some people asked them where they were going. Others suggested Alex wait in the guest room specially provided by the palace.

In t
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