Chapter 116 - The fox's trap

Chapter 116 - The fox's trap

Luckily, the contract he had with Mala was helpful like this. Without saying much, the two of them headed to the room that had been reserved. People looking at the curves and complete parts made their adulthood thrash instantly.

Alex and Kitsune first headed to Mala and Sia's room, ensuring they were all right. Sia is sleeping soundly after wrestling with Mala.

"You don't have to worry. She will wake up soon," said Mala. She left Alex and Kitsune walking downstairs. They went straight to the room next to Mala and Sia's room.

After locking the door without waiting, she immediately pushed Alex's body onto the bed. The window in the room had not even had time to open, so the air circulation changed. Using her powers as a Nine-Tailed Fox, Kitsune plays with her soft fur.

Seducing him erotically, every feather that touched the skin made Alex's crown stand up erratically. The passion that had been suppressed since the first time she me
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