Chapter 120 - Enchanting a mystical item

Chapter 120 - Enchanting a mystical item

"I still have to be here, but don't worry. This is some of the power I have." She said while covering her face.

As long as the thing isn't damaged, the Kitsune will be fine while the others are inside the fan. They never thought it was a good idea this time, especially Alex. Would the system accept such a thing? Unlike Sanao, this game got a lot of rewards after defeating him.

"I don't know, and I don't know." Alex's answer was gloomy.

Was it the right decision to invite Kitsune to come with them when she only gave up half her strength? He was afraid that his request was to force her will.

Even though he didn't get the reward as promised, Alex was quite relieved because she had volunteered to protect Nenokuni village, especially Sue's grave. Alex raised his head and said, "Thank you." To everyone who was there.

The atmosphere in the place felt very awkward, plus there was nothing to talk about. They finally got A
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