Chapter 122 - Get lost

Chapter 122 - Get lost

Sia's hand slipped, trying to rub her eyes, which got sand in. Mala wanted to catch it using. Her movement made Alex unable to hold on any longer. Mala throws a cloth to protect Sia's body from being hit by the storm, and she disappears in the fierce pounding of the sand.

They would wait upstairs until they could catch up with Sia again. A small ray of light appeared from the desert. It looked like a sparkling lamp emitting light. Sia's body slowly looks up, trying to cover herself using the cloth Mala gave her.

It also surprised her why the bias was going upward.

"What the hell are you able to fly?" Alex shouted happily. Mala struck the man. They would have been out of this predicament long ago if she could have done it. They did not dare to catch up with Sia, worried that something else would happen.

It turned out that the light appeared under Sia's ass, who was sitting motionless. Her face also looked questioning. She groped the bot
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