Chapter 125 - Trial of Ascension – Unlocked

Chapter 125 - Trial of Ascension – Unlocked

"Oh, sir..."

"Afreet Deen."

"Master Afreet Deen."

"Don't add the word master for me." This was the first time Alex had heard that someone didn't want to be glorified using a sentence.

"If this plain is wide, will Afreet Deen help me with the supplies?" Alex asked a little doubtfully. Asking for help, even though they were treated very well, Alex thought he would refuse her request.

Alex could hear the sound coming down from his stop, his bowed head dazzled by the light or the majesty of the person so that he swallowed hard and held his breath. He closed his eyes so as not to be labeled greedy and greedy.

The big hand patted Alex's shoulder so as not to tense up when facing him. A thin mustache and a thick beard almost covered his chest, though it would criticize him for his impudent actions.

He was dark blue smoke and leaned against a simple but gold light pot, replying, "Of course."
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