Chapter 126 - He flies on a machine

Chapter 126 - He flies on a machine

Afreet Deen also gave another gold chest half of its previous size for pocket money during the trip. But he thinks again about whether this thing will be helpful when in the desert.

Although the shape differs significantly from the system, Alex does not deny that it might one day be useful when in other places. He held out the two pockets so they could go back to rest.

Nana and Sanao looked at each other. Their worries were the same when they had to leave Alex alone in such a state. Mala and Sia are still like the beautiful mannequins on display there.

Afreet Deen offers a way out so that Alex and the others can get on with their journey. But before that, he turned his body while supporting the two girls so as not to fall, saying, "Why can't the girls see what I see?"

The question may sound silly to Alex, but Afreet Deen takes it seriously. He stroked the mustache alternately, leading to his beard. His lips were no less si
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