Chapter 128 - Let's go around the world

Chapter 128 - Let's go around the world

"I want to make this thing shoot more fire than before. Yesterday I could only use lasers, but after I found some kinds outside the desert and bought things from there, I could change them." He tirelessly introduced the thing that looked like his favorite.

He is more active in speaking than before, maybe because he is so focused on what he likes that he forgets the surrounding people. The man saw Alex's uncomfortable expression because he didn't know what to call him.

After introducing himself as "Archimedes," Alex was finally able to freely talk to him. He didn't stop there. The man didn't hesitate to submit all his valuable items to Alex.

Like a tour, Alex also didn't mind his invitation. Instead, he seemed to really enjoy their trip. Also, Alex didn't hesitate to ask about foreign things he had never seen before.

White hair filled with oil and a thick beard and mustache also gives the impression that this man rarely
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