Chapter 131 - Let's have fun

Chapter 131 - Let's have fun

Alex offered to help him, thinking that the logs arranged in such a way that they looked light were cumbersome, like carrying a giant pile of iron.

"Are you sure you're going to take all of this?" Ask Alex. Standing almost the same size as his chest, the man looked at Alex with sparkling eyes. He thought it was enough to carry it away, but Archimedes didn't stop there. He even added an enormous burden with his own luggage.

He didn't know what he was planning to finally give up. Luckily, the girls didn't come with them, but Mala and Sia had already changed their swimsuits when they arrived.

Alex asked where Mala got it all, but Mala herself had a confused face. She told Alex to recheck the game system. He must have missed something in his notification.

But before he checked the system, Mala suggested Alex check it elsewhere while glancing at Archimedes, who was standing next to Alex while looking at the surrounding scenery. This t
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