Chapter 133 - The girl who lives alone in the desert

Chapter 133 - The girl who lives alone in the desert

The sentence that came as if cooling water made Sia immediately stand up after Alex when she found out she was already there. Alex resisted the desire of the two girls not to do things like that.

It annoyed mala why he insisted that the two stay away impatiently, wanting to cook the thick furry animals so they could sleep well. There were so many four-legged animals there that they filled the tent, no matter if the feces and urine gave off an unpleasant odor.

"Wait, this isn't mine." Hello Alex.

"What do you mean?" Ask Mala. He pointed his hand towards the tent deeper. A stranger was using Alex's bed, his whole body covered in cloth. Disappointment because they didn't get what they wanted to be. It made both of them feel depressed.

Alex told me he met a shepherd when he was about to collect water. He had told him to follow the rope that Alex had brought so he could take him to the tent. He doesn't want to
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