Chapter 138 - Medusa VS Alex

Chapter 138 - Medusa VS Alex

Anubis let out a force as well from the hand. The light knocked Medusa away from her place. The jars broke, dragging her for miles. They shattered her house into pieces, and her sheep were also running.

Medusa grabbed a rope from the rubble, tying it in a bow and adding it to the sky. The mummy hit by the bow disappeared like sand. The bandage also spun off. Medusa brought back the snakes attacking Anubis. He changed his body to become 2x bigger.

Anubis's healing power increases. Alex helps the snake burst, which flaps a lot of its wings to form wind around it. Without he also reduces the presence of the mummies by half.

"Sorry!" Alex shouted.

Anubis didn't respond to the immense power as if to say it wasn't a big deal while removing the mummy and covering part of the sand plain. Anubis's tall body was now standing next to Alex. They were discussing how to think of her.

He slashed his wings at the same time as slashing his h
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