Chapter 149 – The Dispute

Chapter 149 – The Dispute

He felt his choice was right. A thumping feeling rattled Alex's teeth. He didn't want to win the game initially, but after listening to Mala's words, he tried to conquer the girl.

[No] the sound of the tip of the glass hitting the table is hard to distract. Mala looks confident with all her victories so far, and Alex flutters. Although he placed a little bet there, it was enough to eat for the next few days.

"1, 3, 5, 7. rare increase." The delivered announcement sounded like a breath of fresh air in the place. After so many rounds of matches, Mala always won. Only the other gamblers felt disadvantaged this time.

They raised suspicions that Mala had deliberately made a mistake so that Alex would win the game. Mala, who did not accept the brief words, demanded their words back.

But the women who lost followed Mala, saying her bad words to him. She conspired because Alex was known as a trading partner and investor since their ar
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