Chapter 153 - People who care

Chapter 153 - People who care

Sia's anger was about to explode, but before anything terrible happened, she took a deep breath and gave the people her best smile saying, "O young masters, we are too tired to have fun. We also just arrived at this place. Below we stopped by to fill the stomach's emptiness, and now we want to rest. May I?"

The faces of the men waiting from outside the room looked gloomy. However, one person looked calmer, accepted the decision, and asked them to leave the room because the visiting guest was tired.

'I told you that a long time ago.' Perhaps because of having a higher power and lift than them, the servants and men there obeyed his words. Finally, their room was tranquil.

Sia's whole body felt drained and seemed to crumble at that moment. She threw her body on the bed and slept next to Mala on the island of dreams. Mala, Alex, and Sia ended up sleeping there that night.

The noise in the room woke Alex, who was sleeping soundly. He
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