Chapter 166 - Work with us

Chapter 166 - Work with us

"How about at your place?" asked Alex starting the conversation. After arriving at a place that was a bit far but still able to reach the event, he finally discussed that place.

"Here, one day's work already earns much income," Mala said.

"I never stop heating iron to forge," Nana added while lightening her stiff body. On average, their answers are the same, so they will likely be able to continue the journey in a few days.

"How about you, Mr. Alex?" Sia asked. Alex averted his gaze in embarrassment, and he had not gotten a specific job and earned coins among them. He moved his head to compose himself at the unanswered question.

But they waited for an answer from him, even though he lied would make them feel sad. So he is telling the truth that he hasn't found a suitable job yet.

"What?" their voices were shocked at the same time except for Sanao.

"Yeah, you know I'm not jobless, but the guy you talked to hasn't figured o
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