Chapter 173 - The city would be another story

Chapter 173 - The city would be another story

The stomach is complete, and the peacock feels sleepy after finishing the food and throws himself onto the grass. The breeze fills the skin, and the smell of the leaves of the day wafts in the nose. The animals that Alex had seen now gathered there. They also wanted to ride to shade their bodies from the sun's heat.

These many creatures, plus playmates Krisna and Karta, are enough to shelter them during the day, not a single person whose feet will be hot in the sun.

They slept in their dreams and were packed during the day. Alex had a plan that very day. He met his grandfather, who had abandoned himself for a long time, remembering his vacation at the cottage and fishing by the river.

His grandfather stayed away from the hustle density, and the tension of the aliens seemed never-ending. Strangely, Alex felt thrilled with his parents, who always considered annoying by him.

He really enjoyed their time together whe
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