Chapter 187 - The gloomy faces

Chapter 187 - The gloomy faces

Although there are many questions for Alex regarding the god who came down to earth and as his grandfather did the same, he is a god while his grandfather is a demon lord. Why would the inhabitants of the heavens want to come down to the earth filled with bad things?

"Because if it wasn't the inhabitants of the heavens who intervened, there would be no more humans who would praise us." Said Krisna.

The same reason as what her sister and Mala said. Was it so important when no one would say his name that he could kill the god himself or the demon lord?

As Krisna said earlier, Lord Vishnu will not kill demons who are not involved in judging humans, and Alex's magic of Mana power is not used to slaughter or toy with humans.

"There's no blood on your powers, Alex." It is inconceivable that he is currently talking with a small child with his adult thoughts. After hearing his response, he became relieved, but fear still enveloped Alex
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