Chapter 190 - The Cooperates

Chapter 190 - The Cooperates

He said Karta and Krisna had to go back to the room immediately. They casually looked at Alex and made sure it wasn't a problem. He placed the children's gifts on the table and ate them to ensure he enjoyed the meal.

After a week of being there, Alex felt his income was enough to get out of here. But he didn't want to be in a hurry because Alex still didn't have time to meet the others.

Unlike the others, the girls could receive his summons through an agreed-upon object this time. However, they often reason to work, so they don't realize an incoming call and end up part of a dream.

Alex sighed. Strangely today, the children had no desire to go to the lake to catch fish or hunt for fruit. Because there was no way, Alex would always put them in danger.

The weather today is sweltering. The sun is shining brighter than usual. The best choice is to take shelter under a tree, but the fruit that usually grows in that place stops bearing
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