Chapter 231 - The connecting bridge

Chapter 231 - The connecting bridge

Kitsune's hand grabbed the object that Alex was trying to cover. He closed his eyes, following the game that had been promised earlier. Kitsune felt Alex was ready to do it. She made sure and asked the man about it.

"Are you ready to make a contract with me?" Ask Kitsune. The dimples turned out to be more noticeable when viewed up close. Alex had just realized that she also had other advantages. She was startled when Alex pushed her body. Kitsune's impatience was tested again.

"I haven't locked the door yet," Alex said instantly. Kitsune used his strength and locked the bedroom door. She did it and even used force to seal the room so that no one would notice that they were crossing an ordinary wall.

How hard they searched, Alex's room would never be found. This time the Kitsune were as active as they were last in Takamagahara. Alex felt a little relieved and had no more fear of having his head cut off.

She opened Alex's cl
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