Chapter 244 - A grudge

Chapter 244 - A grudge

Sage was so proud of his work as the best winemaker in the city of Uruk. When few people have engaged in such lowly positions, thanks to his father, Scout's diligence, he earned the honorable title of King Gilgamesh.

Until now, Sage still questions why his father got such a unique mandate. A result of the title given by king Gilgamesh made him even more despised.

If someone with a degree level has a title from the start, then gets news that ordinary people get the same title with the capital that the alcoholic drink maker gets unpleasant treatment from these people. The Scout's decision to stay in the forest with his family was the best choice, reducing hostility within the government. He focused solely on making the best drink for King Gilgamesh regardless of the judgment of others.

People who are also equal in ownership of property also hate it so that no one is on the side of the family. His family can only support each other.

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