Chapter 251 - The stricken

Chapter 251 - The stricken

She didn't speak and only pointed at what had been ordered. The people serving her understood with just a slight directive. At that moment, Alex seemed like a woman who always watched him warmly and welcomed him.

Kitsune was led to his room, Alex told him to follow their directions, and Alex was referred to his place.

"You guys rest first. We'll meet again tomorrow morning." The woman said, and she left them there. Alex and Kitsune get excellent service and fun. Another reason Alex feels relaxed is that no Kitsune will always bother him.

She did not know the time to make love. Her hands did not stop holding her sensitive parts, even on a horse. Alex sank into a warm puddle in the bathroom, his whole body so relaxed that he couldn't hold back the drowsiness any longer.

"If she can fly like that, why still want to sit on such a narrow aisle," said Alex.

He noticed that the most prominent part of the body was moving to the right
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