Chapter 256 - Tie the iron balls

Chapter 256 - Tie the iron balls

He walks, dreaming about the life he used to live in, and the Kitsune wakes up Alex to return to his current world soon. She wanted to taste the food that Alex had said earlier this time. She laughed, unsure if the demon would like to taste the food with lots of spices.

Mala defends Kitsune for not cornering her. She might like it if it's cooked properly. Mala offered to do the job as she had not had a kitchen utensil in hand for several months.

Kitsune said she didn't want to eat Mala's cooking because her cooking might not be as demanded. The two had another little fight, and it took more effort to keep them from crossing the line.

He realized that the fight between the two was only meant to show that one of them was superior to the other in the name of having outlived the other.

Alex pushed Mala's body a little while whispering something. He wanted her to be a little more gentle than always fighting over unimportant things
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