Chapter 272 – The Peeking

Chapter 272 – The Peeking

The Captain trusted Alex and the girls to give them responsibilities even though they were recruited to be hired as the crew leader with a lucrative fee. Of course, they refused such an offer because the goal of Alex and the others were just to cross the ocean.

The trip ended smoothly, and the dock stop was in sight. The location that would be the destination Alex and the entourage they were with were preparing to unload their belongings and place them on the ship's edge.

Before they left the ship, the Captain gave a small toy to the girls there. What he did reminded him of the many daughters in the house. He had beautiful daughters of the same age as them.

Each of them got a piece as a shell necklace decorated as beautifully as possible. They were so happy with the Captain's gift that they had never reached before. It had been a long time since they had such small items.

"Can I ask for it, too?" asked Alex.

"Of course."
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