Chapter 328 - The mysterious house

Chapter 326 - The mysterious house

The clothes they wore were messier than they had last seen, and then there was the feeling of guilt for not taking good care of them. Alex didn't care about his condition when he wasn't wearing a shirt. Luckily the dirty white pants were still there.

If only Kitsune saw his condition like this, he wouldn't know what the fox demon was doing anymore. Alex wanted to move Sanao to his bed, but since he didn't know where he was, he searched for information about the wooden house. Alex found light white clothes, the only clothes to cover his body.

He didn't want to be the gaze of the women when he left the house, or even worse, and the clean and minimalistic room gave the impression that anyone who lived there was some unusual creature. It was the first time Alex had seen such a house, and he always went on adventures with them.

The wooden walls that support it and the many things discovered for the first time contain magic powers tha
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