THE WAR WITH VENER. ( The final part of Volume 2 )

They five finally reached the coordinates in the Himalayas by the portal. There they saw a small building in the ice. There's a person in that. He just using some computerized hologram and operating the space doors. He hacked the one door for aliens and monsters for allowing them into the earth.

Himakar destroyed the whole program which his Fire power. Then the person scared too much and made a signal. Then suddenly a big spaceship is came out from the ice mountains . It was illusionary as in the mountains until is came out.

The heroes already ready for any fight. But they didn't expected a war.

In that spaceship there is the ASTRON'S brother 'VENER' also. And thousands of monsters also.

VENER - Here are the powers. We searched a lot for the powers. So finally they came by their own for me. Okay then say are you to came to give me the powers or not ? If not , don't worry we will kill you five and take the powers. If you can defeat my army .

Heroes got anger. The real war started. Th
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