Chirs - A few years back on a evening my wife called Daizy and she said some body came and shouting from outside of house, So i rushed i when i went there my house was on fire and my sacrifice her life to save our son . Then i saw three members opposite to my house.

From then i was searching them for take revenge and to ask them why did they killed my wife??...Few days back i got a news that one of the three members was in Zando's planet so i sent my son to bring him ,but he was trapped there by Zando , So please help me.....

Himakar - Ok we will go and bring your son back...

After that meeting heroes kept another meeting about that meeting..

Alex - you guys should do another thing with that.

Dhanush - what we should do with that

Alex - You should go to Zero's planet and Motor planet.To bring the pieces of ring which can unlock dark. Before many years back a man broken that ring into three pieces and he mixed them with their souls . So we should bring those pieces
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