Hope's adventure.

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Hope's adventure.

By: pete greg OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Imagine this, a young teenage boy returns home to find his family dead corpse, he later discovered that they were murdered by demons. . . . . “ no, my family, my loved ones ”. Leaving only his sister who is now a demon, but still keeps her humanity. Now Hope become a demon hunter to kill the demon that murdered his family. . . . . . Few years later he faces off with the demon king, will he kill him or carry up his genes. Stay tune to Hope's adventure.

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    Wow. nice one. keep it going.

    2022-07-07 23:07:11
  • Osagie Rainier Benedict OSE


    nice work.

    2022-07-07 22:51:59
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60 chapters
Chapter 1.
In united kingdom lies a state called England, populated with English, Welsh and Scottish business men and women. In England lives a young and intelligent lad called Allen Hope, who lives in the mountains with his family, who lost his father years ago now becomes the bread winner of his family. He works for a man who he helps to sell charcoal. ‘ hey make it snappy, I don't have much time ’, Hope boss said to him. Hope walks up to him, he was tall and fair in complexion, he replied his boss. ‘ am coming just give me a minute ’, in a light tone. As he was about turning his back, his boss held him and said to him. ‘ we don't have much time, you need to supply the coal before it becomes winter season ’, in a soft tone. Allen hope replied his boss. ‘ ok, and i promise that I won't take much time ’, in a low tone. As he walks through the door, his boss said to him again. ‘ make sure you take the day off tomorrow ’. A wide smile emerged from his face. ‘ I will sir ’, he replied hi
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Chapter 2.
‘ years ago, a young boy like yourself also doubted the fact about the existence of demons, but on till one night, himself and his family were eating together, smiling and laughing together until the unthinkable happened ’, the man kept quiet for a while.‘ what happened ’, hope asked the man.‘ you really want to know ? ’, the man replied him in a soft tone.They both kept quiet for a while before the heart breaking event happened.‘ his family were brutally slaughtered and eaten up, bit by bit, he was the only one who survived the brutal attack that night ’, the man said to him in a soft tone.‘ what happened to him now ’, Hope asked.‘ that young man lives to tell his tale and his me, am that young man ’, he replied Hope with tears slowly dripping down his face.Hope walks up to him and hugs him saying.‘ don't worry, it's all in the past, it can not redo the future but I want you to forget about it ’, in a soft tone.The man slowly moves away from him and walks up to a door, he tu
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Chapter 3.
The conversation went on.‘ it's just too much ’, one of the woman said to the other.Hope became optimistic and thought to himself.‘ what are they talking about ’, he said to himself in a soft tone.As the cart stopped by a house, Hope steps down from the cart and walked up to the door.As he knocks on door, Gwen opens it and hugged him.‘ welcome back bro ’, she said to Hope.‘ where are the others ’, he said to Gwen.‘ they went out not too long ’, Gwen replied him with a smile on her face.Hope walks in and locks the door behind him.The following morning, Hope got up early, he was wearing a snow coat and snow boots, he was about walking out when his mother stood against him and the door .‘ hello, it have been long since we have ever had a short conversation like this my boy ’, his mother said to him with a smile on her face.Hope turns his back to see his mother smiling at him, he runs up to her and braces her before she moves back and said to him.‘ I want you to take good car
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Chapter 4.
‘ I said I am hungry ’, Gwen yelled out loud at Hope.The crowd became confused and their attention were drawn to Hope and his sister.‘ calm down, I will get you more food and meat ’, Hope replied her in a scared tone.When suddenly, she rose up and said to him.‘ I think I will go for something else ’, she said to him.He sighs expressing relief.‘ that's more like it ’, Hope replied her.She stares at the crowd in the restaurant and smirks at them while slowly licking her lips.‘ I will eat all of you in this restaurant ’, she muttered in a loud tone.‘ wait what ’, Hope said to her.She walks up to a booth and uses her massive arm to tear through the table, as one of them saw her coming, he unsheathed his sword and ran into her, striking her several times, but her skin was as thick as a dragon scale, the sword broke into pieces.‘ oh no ’, the man said while staring at her overshadowing shape in fear.‘ crash ’, his body was sent through a glass, sending him parking through the gr
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Chapter 5.
Hope looked devastated as Gwen had fallen, she struggles to breathe while Hope sights a figure standing behind him.‘ who is that ’, he said to himself while he had thoughts running through his mind.The figure slowly walks up to him.‘ you should be thankful, I just saved you from a demon ’, the figure said to him.The figure was tall in height, fair in complexion and had red long hair floating above his shoulders.‘ what made you think I was in trouble ’, Hope said to the figure in a loud tone.‘ because that demon wanted to kill you ’, the figure replied him.Hope ran to Gwen and started checking her if she's alive or dead.‘ don't worry, she will be dead, my poison will penetrate her flesh and slowly kill her ’, the figure replied Hope.Hope immediately he heard turns Gwen and removes the penetrated sword from her back.‘ Gwen, wake up ’, Hope said in distress while shaking her conscious body.But Gwen isn't showing a sign of life.‘ what have you done to my sister, she is going t
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Chapter 6.
They both inhale and exhale heavily.‘ when will you give up, you can't win against me even your demon sister is weak, you need to catch your breathe ’, Galalah Charles said to Hope.Hope was slowly dragging himself on the ground while struggling to move, he looks at his left and saw his sister covered on blood.‘ I won't let you kill her, not now, not ever ’, Hope replied Galalah Charles in an aggressive tone while looking at his possibility of lossing his life to Galalah Charles........... Few minutes ago.‘ pow ’, Gwen fist lattered Galalah Charles face, sending him frying through the bushes, she opens her arms wide and dashed into him, contracting her claws and was about lattering his face.‘ tch ’, Galalah Charles expressed and dodges her attack, Gwen spins on the air, sending dusts into the air.‘ you bastard, where did you think you are going to ’, Gwen said to Galalah Charles while she swiftly runs into the dust.‘ vroom ’, her blur streaks tracks down Galalah, as she moves i
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Chapter 7.
Hope was devastated hearing what Galalah Charles said to him.‘ give me sometime to reason about your idea ’, Hope said to Galalah.‘ you have to take my idea into concentration or else.... ’, Galalah was about finishing his statement when Hope intruded.‘ my sister will die, I know you would kill her ’, Hope said to Galalah.‘ am not here to kill you nor your sister ’, Galalah Charles said to Hope.Hope became surprised to here that from Galalah, Hope was so shoked that he could not even alter a word.‘ since I saw your sister human side, I have decided to give her another chance but under one condition ’, Galalah Charles said to Hope in a bold tone.‘ and that is...’, Hope replied him.‘ you should not let your sister die, not in your hands or in the hands of another person, protect her with your life even though she is still a demon ’, Galalah Charles said to Hope while Hope was staring at his sister as she was gently sleeping.‘ I will, I promise you that I will ’, Hope replied hi
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Chapter 8.
It was dark, Hope and Galalah Charles with his sister journey to the far coast of England, Galalah was taking Hope to London where they encounter another mystery.‘ Hope, get over here ’, he said to Hope while hiding behind a carriage.Hope runs towards his direction dragging Gwen who was chained up with him.‘ what is going on ’, Hope asked in a suspicious tone, but Charles ignores him and stares at some group of men.‘ I think they are with the demon hunters Corps, let me go ask them in ’, Galalah Charles soliloquies to himself.The men were dressed up like native British soldiers, each of them were heavily armed.He walks out from the shadow, Hopes looks at him and tries to stop him but he said to him.‘ they are with me, don't worry they won't bit you nor your sister ’, He walks out of the shadow exposing himself.They sight a man walking out of the shadow.‘ hey, whose there, stop I say ’, one of them said in a British accent but Charles kept walking till he was fully revealed.‘
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Chapter 9.
Sitting by the balcony was Charles, observing from a distance, looking into nothing but darkness, while locked up in a room was Gwen, been chained up to a sink in the bathroom.Hope was busy keeping watch by the door while his palm was supporting his jaw as his eyes were slowly closing to sleep.Gwen was sitting in the bathtub with both of her hands crossed against each other while annoying sounds of water dripping from a broken tap continued to drop.Outside of their room to the staircase, it was enlaid with red carpets while the staircase where properly polished and carved, it looks like it was made out of wood...Getting down to the staircase was a large living room enveloped with darkness, only a spotted light enlightened a portion of the room, sitting duck was the young lady who provoked Gwen, she seems to still be awake, staring at their room from the living room as the event became dramatic.‘ when will this be over ’, Hope asked Charles in a soft tone.‘ I don't really know,
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Chapter 10.
‘ zoom ’, Hope using his hands to shield his face from the terror coming to him.‘ brother it's me Gwen ’, in a beast tone.Hope looks up, to his surprise it was his sister, Gwen, she was looking strong, with her yellow eyes accompanied with her beastly feature.‘ what happened to you, how come you are a beast ’, Hope said to her, immediately she draws him to a small trench nearby, as they remain still, some group of patrolling demons walks pass them.‘ can you explain what is going on with you, how come you are... ’, Hope was about finishing his statement when Gwen interupted him.‘ it just started when I saw a man outside the window, I noticed something weird about that woman but you know disagreed with me then when I become afraid or scared my urges take over my body turning me into this ’, Gwen replied him with fear written all over her expression.‘ now we need to find Charles before things get rough ’, Hope said to Gwen.‘ where is Charles, why is he not with you ’, Gwen said to
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