El Capone was seen in the parlor of his royal palace, and beside him, his red wolf. 

Dressed in a cowboy cap, a white T-shirt with open buttons, and blue jeans. The young prince looked like a Hollywood actor as his gold medal swayed on his airy chest. 

Despite his grand look, El Capone wasn't cheerful, and this can be seen from his disgusted frown. 

Minutes later, his wife strode into his presence, kissed him on the left cheek, and smiled to ease his scowling face. 

"We will be attacking the foreigner's factory tonight," El Capone smiled and let out. 

"Yes, I was aware, and I have to confess that I had a bad premonition about this."

"You know I have no time for woman intuition and soothsaying." The young prince answered back, stood from his chair, and raised his arms to button his shirt.

"I don't want you to go tonight, and I will be happy if your second-in-command will also stay at the palace with us," the beautiful lady in a pink flowing gown and matching white slippers let out with a pleading gaze.

"You are joking, how am I going to be hidden under my roof when my men are out there fighting for the king's decree?"

"Please, I beg of you," Andrea whispered, stepping close to her husband, and clinging to him.

 "You can tell your men that your wife demands your service tonight."

"You are kidding, right?" El Capone smirked back. 

"Whatever, I won't allow you to step out tonight, except we are going together."

"And what will you be doing there,  sing and play your piano as we slaughter each other ?"

"Then spend tonight with me, you can resume your duty to the crown tomorrow."

El Capone gazed for a while, smirked, hissed, and exclaimed. "I can't believe you are stopping me from performing my duty!"

"Only for tonight, dear husband, only for tonight," Andrea answered back, jerked her husband's right arm, and pulled him towards her chamber.

The vow of every real man is valid, and only a woman can cajole, coax or entice him against it.

The case of Al Capone was not different, as he was soon seen on the laps of his beautiful wife, who weaved his red curly hair. 

"Banjo seemed a bit pissed when I instructed him to stay behind." El Capone whispered from his romantic position. 

"He is always happy at the sight of blood, and his anger was anticipated." 

"Now tell me the reason why you want me to stay at home tonight, we have been chit-chatting for hours." El Capone let out, raised his body, and peeked at the innocent look on his wife's face.

"I just want to be with you tonight, and thank you for indulging me."

El Capone soon laid back into his formal position. 

Knowing Andrea, whatever reason that prompts her to make such outrageous demands will only be divulged to him at the right time. 

And for now, he believed it was for his advancement, not for any selfish interest.

She can have her wish tonight, hereafter, the gods will have theirs.

And at the end, the land of the gods will be free from the grasp of the invading Country P merchants.

Hours after El Capone had slept off, Andrea was seen tossing on the bed. She soon raised herself on her two elbows, peered at her sleeping husband, whose snoring by now had become a lullaby to her, and muttered to herself.

"I need to be prepared, and have a plausible reason when I will be delaying him next time." 

She was aware she is playing a deadly game, and any mistakes will be drastic. 

"He will be happy tomorrow," Andrea murmured, look grimly, and resumed her murmuring.

 "Or maybe furious, and believe it was all his fault, and he would have to make a difference if he was with them."

Whatever, her husband is saved tonight and will remain protected, as long as she is alive. 

As for the men who were sent tonight, Andrea muttered a brief prayer for their survivor. 

But deep inside, she knew the truth. They were nothing but sacrificial lambs. 

They were a gang of fifty mafias, and they were seen galloping on the back of horses, on their way to a mission.


The man in the front screamed out, raised his right arm, and draw the reign of his horse to stop the beast's movement. 

"We will walk from here, don't forget what the boss said, we must leave no survivor."

"Aye, there will be no survivors." One among the men answered back. 

"I can see some light far off, I think they are still awake." Another man said in a whisper. 

"We will walk close, then wait for a while if we see any movement on their farm." The team leader let out, hopped down his horse, and was soon followed by the rest of the mobs.

"It's too quiet and unsettling." One among the men whispered. 

"Of course, it will be quiet. We are in the wood alone, Arnold." The leader of the team smirked back.

"Yes, but why are the insects and the rodents silent as well?" The man called Arnold asked. 

"Your stupid question is enough to frighten them off, so you better keep your mouth shut, or I will blast it off with my shotgun." 

And Arnold shivered back and quickly stepped off the reach of his angry senior. 

Minutes later, they emerged at a tight route, walked for another minute, and suddenly, gunshots were heard all around them.

 And the screaming of the men as they were shotted, soon filled the silent night.

In a few minutes, all the men were slaughtered without knowing who pulled the trigger. 

Or maybe it doesn't matter to the death. 

El Rapon was seen walking to and fro in his room, and his forlorn gaze portrayed an anxious man. 

And in truth, he is.

The phone in his hand vibrates, and he quickly accepts the call and asked.

"How Is it?"

"Done sir," a voice a the other side of the line answered back. 

"Did you check their faces, is my brother among them?" 

"Yes, we check their faces, but your brother is not among them."

El Ramon whistled in frustration, disconnect the call, then fling the phone on the table in his front, and muttered out. "At least, El Capone men were caught, and this will reduce his constant assault."

Though he had wished for his brother's life, as that is the only solution. 

And the thought of the possibility of this tonight had left him in an excited mood. 

Yet, the fact that the information was accurate was a thing to be celebrated. 

Soon, his wish will be fulfilled, and the land will once again be united under him. 

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