A young man in a white gown and a big straw hat walked close to El Capone's palace, and stopped in front of a seller, displaying different designs of clothing.

"Please buy my wares, am just opening my shop, and I will give you a big discount because you are my first customer," the woman who just emerged from a wooden shop cried at the onlooker and quickly stepped close.

"I don't need clothing, but I have some money and I need some information."

The woman, at the sight of the money in the speaker's hand, smiled and asked. "What information did you seek?"

"I heard there is an accident yesternight, and El Capone's cars were burnt. I'm just curious if he is inside one of the cars or not."

The woman looked at the man in her front, and she instantly knew he was from El Ramon's camp.

In truth, bad news travel faster than the speed of light.

The whole villagers had heard of the accident, a few hours after it occurred, and the woman knew El Capone and his wife weren't inside the burnt cars
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