Because of El Ramon's instruction, most of the farms and factories were deserted when the redwitch gang arrived.

Banjo and some men in red uniforms sneaked close to a factory constructed inside a large farm of opium and surrounded it without being seen.

"Attack only the foreign planters and burn their farm while I attack the factory. But leave our people. Their loss is enough punishment for them," Banjo instructed his men, then send them towards the men relaxing under some trees far off, while the rest of the gang walked towards the factory's door.

And a leg whack soon jerked the wooden door, off its hold.

One among the four men inside brought out a sliver colour pistol and fired at the incomers, and the bullet whizzed past Banjo's ear, then stuck into the forehead of the man beside him.

"Oh my goodness, am lucky this time around," Banjo let out and quickly dived into the back of the iron box beside him.

The redwitch gang fired, and they were fired at, and for some minutes, the s
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