There is nothing wrong when people try to manipulate you for selfish reasons. But to be used to satisfy someone's desire without your consent is unwise.

This was unknown to the ten men who sneaked into the tall and magnificent palace and quickly got lost among the various corridors in the building.

Far off, some guards were seen dozing with their heads on the wall, and the invaders sneaked on them and attacked instantly.

Several gunshots sounded like handclaps, and all the dozing men fell dead immediately.

"Her room is along this way," one of the men point the gun in his hand towards his left side, and the men instantly stepped forward, arrived at another long corridor, turned left, and suddenly halted, when a guard appeared at their front.

"Who is over -"

Another gunshot cut into the guard's speech. He looked stunned for a bit, raise his hand towards the bullet hole in his chest, and then fell dead with open eyes.

The men stepped over the dead man, walked for a while, and appear
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