The atmosphere inside Johji Inn is lively as usual, and men and ladies of attendance were seen in a Merry-go-round mood.

As the men consumed their liquor and watched the nudely dressed ladies who wiggled their product, a young man with a cowboy cap, and a cigarette stick in his mouth stepped inside and was rushed by the eager ladies.

"Come to my room, my bedsheet is clean and I have not been laid for a day."

"I will treat you like a king, and makes you scream out of pleasure if you follow me."

"Come with me, my price is fair, and my sexual prowess is incomparable."

The man watched the numerous ladies out of the corner of his eyes, shake his head to signify no, then asked, " I'm not here for sex, but I seek a lady that is known by the name, Jade ."

"Oh, Jade. She no longer works here and had travelled to a far land. Come and I will make you forget her ."

The pain in the young man's eyes was incomparable when he heard the lady's reply. He looked grimly for a while and let out, " I
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