Strife Of The Eclipse

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Strife Of The Eclipse

By: Aurakyria OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Aiden Dawnwhisper, A loyal subject of Vexira, A banished god. He returned from another realm to Sylgarth where Vexira exist and his origin realm to freed Vexira. Unknown to him, Sylgarth was not the same one that he knows, Everything is different as he start his journey to unveil the truth of his world and the unknown danger that lurks everywhere.

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114 chapters
The Coliseum
Dududduum! Dururum! BADUM!! BADUM! Battle anthemic music is being played in the coliseum. The drums are being hit with so much passion it burns the heart of the audience, it was much louder now that only a grid separated Aiden from the arena. The beating of the drums hammered into their heart, bloodlust and savageness sounds plunging them into some kind of tribal and hypnotic trance on the basement.. For Aiden, the rhythmic and heavy sound of the drums helped him calm his mind and remain a vigilant and focused state. He had learned to suppress the urge to go berserk as time and time again he failed to control his primal instinct every time he entered the coliseum. “Vexira, my patron. Bless me as i am going to vanquish the foes once again so i can return to your embraces, milady” Aiden prayed silently. There was a time when he was practicing his Extrasensory Perception and reflexes, his mentor Falkrontol beat the drums in the practice area and incite his bloodlust greatly that h
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10 minutes earlier, looking behind him, from where the presenter's voice had come from, Aiden recognized the lodges of the Houses. These were more spacious, with real leather seats that looked comfortable. Massive braziers half encompassing each of the fourteen alabaster columns light up the lower levels of the circular throne and coat everything in an orange glimmer. The intricately carved woodwork hanging from the domed ceiling dances in the flickering light while carved images and statuettes look down upon the granite floor of this elegant hall.A lilac rug runs in a circle around the room, with two paths at the throne and the main entrance while matching banners with gilded ridges swing gently from the walls. Between each banner hangs a small luster, they've all been lit and in turn illuminate the depictions of late heroes below them.They were also sheltered from bad weather by a carved granite roof. The largest imperial lodge in the middle was occupied by several thrones aligned
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Trial of Champion
The Gods Descend once again in the air above the coliseum. Duna then speaks once again seeing nobody moves from their places. “Arise warriors of Titanoire” , suddenly, a wind of rejuvenation blows around everyone as their body becomes healed. No more wounds appeared in everyone’s body in the whole coliseum. “We thanked the gods for their blessings” everyone voiced, including the vertelixes in their own language. “Sólskin ceetas” or “thank you my sunlord” the vertelixes shouted with awe.“Brave warriors, today it's ignorant who think the cause they follow is just.It's what a lot of people think, but the ideal is not a wrong way, it's just a way we can follow, it can be a reason to live.If you die for your convictions, you will be an extremist for your enemies and a hero for your friends, but everyone will remember that you were brave and that is the most important.” said Traust.Today, we are witnessing a new dawn. a new legend. The stars have spoken. He has been chosen as the one w
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Facing The Trickster
The four people suddenly hold Aiden’s body and pinned him down. Aiden tried to free himself, when he heard a voice he knew. “Calm down Aiden, just listen to us first.” Hugo speaks. “Hugo, is that you? Wait, you all five are here? What happened?” Aiden was confused. “Gentlemen, let’s release him first.” Hugo says as the others release their locks on Aiden’s body. Aiden turned his body and lay down on the ground, exhausted. “Well, we all have been tricked since the beginning…” Hugo seems ashamed admitting something. Suddenly, The Minotaur came and laughed hard at Aiden. “ Let me rephrase the words, All your running is for naught, but still i enjoyed the game…” Hugo then explained that the first one who run away as he informed them that this is a game of chase and run actually the minotaur himself, as he caught the first one as he is the one in the back all alone guarding everyone, we all are so focused on the murals so our cognitive mind react when we are told to run for a game ad
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Welcome Home
Seven lean, square towers dwarf everything below them and are connected by giant, solid walls made of white marble.Stylish windows are scattered here and there around the walls in seemingly perfect symmetry, along with symmetric crenelations for archers and artillery.A huge gate with hefty wooden doors, a regular bridge and various artillery equipment guards the last stronghold along this rough shoreline and it's the only way in, at least to those unfamiliar with the castle and its surroundings.Various large houses are scattered outside the castle gates, surprisingly the rich are comfortable with living outside the gates as well. This castle looks very new, but without knowing its history it's impossible to tell if it's a newly built castle or a well kept one.Aiden was walking towards a door, this is another part of God’s Abode. His mind is empty at the moment, but his heart grows restless… he only wears a simple garment, a white shirt and brown leather pants. nothing more…Pushin
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Unknown Dungeon
"Are you full?" Aiden clapped his hands and asked. He and Rena stopped for a while and talked about Sylgarth, Rena then extracted some knowledge about Sylgarth from Aiden’s memory with a unique magic inborn for technomagi golems, Intelligence Sharing. "I'm done, my lord," Rena said. "Let's go then, I hope to find a village or town today and find out where we are..." Aiden sighed. "Okay sir," Rena replied as she put down the fire and conceal it with some dirt to avoid wildfire since that is the first thing Aiden asked him to do when they entered the forest. … Aiden and Rena run for about 100 minutes with some breaks in between to recover their breathing... "My lord! We may be in trouble!" Suddenly Rena stopped Aiden's footsteps… "This is the dung of the Gray Warg!" After scanning and pointing at the dung on the left path behind the stones Rena explained. "So..." Aiden looked ugly. "That's right, there is half-humanoid wolf cavalry in the vicinity!" He realized that Intelligen
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Ten Minutes Later, After Rena and Aiden settle the minor issues...Rena and Aiden then get out of the underground dungeon to the surface and check the surroundings. “All Clear, Dad!” Rena said. Let’s Go, asked Aiden while sheathing his dagger back. They started to walk towards the forest and keep walking, avoiding every danger along the way. …5 days later… "Damn, this is the village?" Aiden thought it was because of his eyes. But the village's condition is so bad like a heavy war just struck them flat, many buildings are broken here a
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Lost History Of Sylgarth
The bard speaks slowly, the story I'm about to tell you is about those who we call gods. Listen carefully lads, as this is the true story… and no elder ever remembers about this story since the beginning of the abandonment era. Only the chosen one such as myself knows the truth of the beginning era because I read the book of old days glory in our library.   Long ago, in a time before thought, there was only a globe in which all creation was mixed in the whole multiverse. As there was nothing with which to compare it, the globe was big and small, dark and bright, everything and nothing. One Quadtrilenials as the time of stars begin to shine, the single globe separated into many single universes and one is our world.   Over a hundred million years, the globe began to grow, and eventually, two powers slowly began to form within.<
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Aiden is lost in his sleep before Rena wakes him up.    “What’s up Rena?”   “The village is surrounded, be prepared”   Aiden quickly moves up and perks up his ears but finds that the village is quiet. He tried to smell the air outside…   “This smell… this is bad, it’s Lizardmen.”   Ambush!! Ambush!! The town guard screamed before he was shot down from the sentry tower.   Suddenly the sound of Bell rang as the lizardmen swarmed the village.   Every fighter and able bodies on their feet started to fight and repel the Lizardmens. Apparen
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Lost History continues pt.1
The bard some times later, came and woke Aiden up when he saw him under the tree after the sun set high up. “Young one, you were something else indeed last night, do you want me to continue last night's story? I am about to depart the village tomorrow, I will tell you the last part of the forbidden story of gods before I go…” Awakened from his sleep, Aiden looked back at the bard and nodded, please.. continue your story… The bard then sat under the tree and started to retold the story… Eztess was a god of destruction. When he saw the work of Ivhir, he became curious and jealous. He imitated Ivhir and created a form in his own image.  Read more